Patient Testimonials

Learn how our corrective chiropractic technique has dramatically improved the lives of our patients throughout San Francisco!

I thought it was inevitable because bad backs run in my family, but after learning more about the philosophy behind PostureWorks, everything the doctors here do is logical (and they’re more than happy to explain).

Aryn YancherSan Francisco

PostureWorks has changed my life! I started working with Dr. Levin on a whim, thinking that my chronic back and neck problems could use a little TLC.

Suzanne VyborneySan Francisco

I am blown away by how much better I feel from inside out. No more pills, suffering, or energy drinks to get me through the day. Thank you Dr. Levin and Dr. Miller.

Jamison AlbertsSan Francisco

Dr. Levin’s got ninja skillz!!!! No seriously…. he helped me a great deal with some pretty severe postural issues. I’m now much more comfortable and productive at work and my back doesn’t hurt on bike rides anymore (which I was really convinced it is supposed to).

Radu MihaescuSan Francisco

Dr. Miller is one of the best Chiropractors I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He projects a calm, goodhearted attitude and excels at making his patients feel relaxed while he heals them. (And he can sing!)

Brett LevinSan Francisco

Dr. Levin is an exceptional Chiropractor who really cares about his patients. I would recommend Dr. Levin to someone who may have soreness every now and then or someone who has major aches and pain, or someone anywhere in-between… he is great and will make a huge difference in how you function on daily basis.

Audra KalfassSan Francisco

I hired Dr. Levin because of his expertise and knowledge of chiropractic skills. I had some major problems with my knees due to years of competitve tennis playing. Dr. Levin educated me on the mechanics of my body, and I have since recovered and been healthy since seeking his services. Thanks you very much.

Eric JueSan Francisco

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