Spinal Remodeling Therapy

Spinal Remodeling in San Francisco, CASpinal remodeling therapies gently apply an assisted stretch to chronically constricted spinal ligaments. This allows them to return to their natural length and for the spine to resume a normal healthy shape. These therapies allow us to improve conditions that had previously been thought to be irreversible.

The process of resetting the spine over the long-term is referred to as “spinal remodeling”. This term encompasses everything from chiropractic adjustment to ligament stretching – virtually anything involved in the reset process

When is Appropriate?

Not every case of chronic back pain warrants the full and complete remodeling experience. In fact, this method only applies to cases of severe spinal aberration, leading to chronic pain. For example:

  • Scoliosis;
  • Kyphosis;
  • Lordosis;
  • Other extreme conditions are candidates for remodeling.

The advanced knowledge of how to use the custom made spinal remodeling units inside PostureWorks is one of the most influential reasons why PostureWorks is considered to be San Francisco’s leading spinal rehab office.

The results attained through these therapies have brought PostureWorks to the attention of the surrounding health care community. If you suffer from daily pain, consider talking to a chiropractor of PostureWorks about this therapy. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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