Scoliosis in San Francisco

Scoliosis is a progressive and very serious condition characterized by abnormal side bending and twisting of the spine.

As Chiropractic BioPhysics™ practitioners the doctors at PostureWorks have the knowledge and tools to not only help stop the progression of scoliosis, but in the vast majority of case actually reverse it.

Description and Symptoms

Scoliosis is a progressive condition characterized by abnormal side bending deformities of the spine and twisting of the rib cage.

Symptoms accompanying the condition may include, back and neck pain, reduced range of motion, digestive problems, sexual dysfunction, abnormal or painful menses, shortness of breath, and anxiety.

#1 Scoliosis Treatment in San Francisco

At PostureWorks We Get Results!

We have successfully treated a wide range of scoliosis patients, through Chiropractic BioPhysics™.

As this before and after x-ray shows, within a few short months we were able to straighten the spine without the use of surgery or bulky braces.

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Typical Medical Management

Successful medical management of Scoliosis is defined as slowing the rate at which the condition worsens. Hard or Soft braces are sometimes prescribed to reduce the rate of decay. Ultimately surgical fusion will be recommended.

General Chiropractic Management

Most general Chiropractors will take into account the direction into which your spine is collapsing and be careful to not adjust into the concavity of the curvature but instead to only adjust into the convexity.

The rapid movement   of a typical chiorpractic adjustment will likely provide some symptomatic releif, but as the ligaments holding the spine together are elastic in nature, the shape of the spine will go right back to where it was before.

CBP Management at PostureWorks

Once we understand the specifics of how your scoliosis is progressing, as well as how it is effecting your health, we begin teaching you how to perform postural exercises specific to your body and the changes which have occurred within it.

Scoliosis in San Francisco

Once you have learned how to perform the exercises properly and can hold the positions, we take another set of x rays to visualize the best order in which to perform the exercises and to get a better understanding of what degree of correction can be expected.

At this point we utilize specialized spinal remodeling equipment to assist you in stretching out the chronically constricted ligaments of the spine.

After 3 months of treatment, we assess the progress that has been made to date and make recommendations specific to the individual in terms of continuing to make further correction or to maintain the correction which has already been achieved.

Other Conditions We Treat

At PostureWorks in San Francisco, we utilize Chiropractic BioPhysics to treat a wide range of conditions, from neck and back pain, various postural issues, and scoliosis to headaches, bulging discs, and conditions brought on by car or work-place accidents. If you suffer from any other musculoskeletal issues, chances are we can help.

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