San Francisco Chiropractor Blames Technology For Kids’ Back Pain

San Francisco Chiropractor Blames Technology For Kids’ Back Pain

San Francisco Back Pain Kids Text Neck

Chiropractors across the country say they are treating more young children with back problems linked to poor posture, and that includes San Francisco. They trace those problems to a sedentary lifestyle, youngsters carrying heavy backpacks, and students spending hours each day with their heads down, staring at their smartphones. The constant use of smartphones and tablets even has a name – “text neck.”

What is “text neck”?

Here’s why you shouldn’t bend forward to check your messages or text your best friend: On average, the human head weighs eight to 10 pounds. Every time your head moves forward an inch, it gains 10 pounds in weight. If you’re scrolling through your Twitter feed while waiting in line for a cup of coffee, the muscles in your upper back and neck are dealing with the equivalent of a 60-pound weight.

Text neck leads to a condition called “forward head posture,” which typically shifts your spine out of alignment, leading to discomfort and pain. One solution is to lift your device to eye level, rather than bend down to read it.

Forward head posture also results when kids carry heavy backpacks. The weight pulls the child backward, so the youngster compensates by leaning forward.

Rene Cailliet, M.D., an expert on musculoskeletal medicine, has said that forward head posture could cost you 30 percent of your lung capacity.

A study published in Spine Magazine in 2005 addressed the relationship between individuals with forward head posture and their overall health. Conclusion: the more the head is misaligned, the worse an individual’s health.

How can a misaligned head or spine affect your health? It can pinch or press on the nerves flowing through the spine and communicating with all the organs, limbs and muscles of your body. Like a hose with a kink in it, a misalignment can interfere with the nerves’ ability to communicate with the rest of your body. Your body, therefore, is unable to operate at peak capacity.

Fortunately, chiropractors trained in Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) can rehabilitate and realign your spine back to health. CBP, the most researched and results-oriented chiropractic technique, is also known as the “clinical biomechanics of posture” because it restores proper posture through adjustments, rehabilitative exercises and cervical extension.

PostureWorks in San Francico’s Financial District is among only a handful of chiropractic care facilities in San Francisco certified in CBP. Drs. Scott Levin, Jason Miller and Corey Todhunter have helped thousands of San Francisco Bay Area residents regain their health and vitality through chiropractic.

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