Link Between Vitamin D3 and Immune Function

Research Shows the Link Between Vitamin D3 and Immune Function

Why do we get sick more often during the winter months?

Research indicates that the increase in incidence of cold and flu during winter months is more likely due to drops in serum levels of vitamin D3 (a hormone which is extremely influential in immune function) rather than in drops in temperature. In fact, temperature change has little to no measureable effect on the immune function. The human body synthesizes vitamin D3 when our torso is exposed to sunlight. During winter months, the earth is shifted further from the sun causing a reduction of Vitamin D3 levels and a subsequent drop in immune function.

Studies have shown:

  • Vitamin D levels reduce by approximately 50% during winter months
  • Vitamin D deficiencies are linked to:
    • o Increased incidence of the cold and flu
    • o Autoimmune diseases
    • o Cancer
    • o Cardiovascular disease
    • o Osteoporosis
    • o Loss of cognitive function
    • o Multiple Sclerosis
    • o A 39% increase in annual health care costs:
  • Vitamin D supplementation has already been proven to
    • o Reduce incidence of cold and flu by as much as 66%
    • o Up-regulate immune function through increase white blood cell production capability
  • Studies are currently underway to determine Vitamin D supplementation effect on dozens of other disease processes

Research indicates that vitamin D3 supplementation is most beneficial at 4000 – 6000 iu’s per day in adults and 1200 – 2000 iu’s per day in children.

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