Poor Posture and Asthma? | San Francisco Chiropractor

Poor Posture and Asthma | San Francisco Chiropractor

Every single day thousands of San Francisco and Bay Area residents are experiencing asthma and shortness of breath. They have difficulty filling their lungs to maximum capacity, and as a result feel tired, fatigued, and anxious.

Those with asthma have to carry around their inhalers, take medication, or avoid certain activities they once enjoyed. Most have learned to sideline themselves from life, sports, and recreational activities.

Who’s Most At Risk for Asthma?

Most asthma sufferers have one thing in common; poor posture or misalignments in the spine. Whether an infant, toddler, child, or adult, spinal misalignments (or shifting of the vertebrae out of place) will stretch the delicate nerves in the neck and back, or exert dangerous pressure on them – cutting down on communication between the brain and the corresponding organ.

Without proper communication and nerve energy, organs will go into a state of dysfunction, and eventually disease – in this case, asthma or shortness of breath.

So to answer the question, birth trauma – as a result of pulling and twisting of the infant out of the womb, auto accidents, sports injuries, or poor postural habits all are risk factors for developing asthma.

How to Eliminate the Source?

The only logical way to eliminate the source of asthma, is to eliminate the root cause of nerve interference, by lifting dangerous pressure off the delicate nerves in the neck or back. For those with poor posture or spinal misalignments, this means visiting a corrective care chiropractor specializing in Chiropractic BioPhysics or CBP to restore the spine back to its optimal shape.

San Francisco’s PostureWorks is one of only a handful of Chiropractic BioPhysics-certified clinics in the Bay Area. Drs. Scott Levin, Jason Miller, and Corey Todhunter have helped thousands of Financial District, San Francisco, and Bay Area residents not only improve their postures, but ELIMINATE the source of most diseases – including asthma.

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