Out with the Old and In with the NutraWorks and PostureWorks – San Francisco’s Top Wellness Facility Welcomes New-Age Technology.

Our goal at NutraWorks and PostureWorks is to provide the highest quality service to truly optimize the health and vitality of our patients and in order to do so, we invest in nothing but the BEST. The doctors, coaches and staff of San Francisco’s top health and wellness centers are proud to introduce the latest and most advanced technology to support and regenerate our patients’ strength, flexibility and bone mass!

Power Plate Technology

Power Plate technology was originally created by the Russian space program in the 1960s to aid cosmonauts in re-building muscle mass and bone density depleted from extended time spent in space. It incorporates whole-body vibrations that induce rapid involuntary muscle contractions at a rate of thousands per second! Also known as “acceleration technology” for its ability to increase muscle strength and bone density at an accelerated rate, Power Plate technology has been implemented as a training and rehabilitation tool for Olympic athletes mainly for its un-matched efficiency and safety.  Countless medical studies have shown a number of health benefits that acceleration technology can produce including:

  • Time & workout efficiency:15 minutes on the Power Plate = 60 minutes of gym training
  • Increased strength and flexibility up to 10 times faster than traditional training methods
  • Increased human growth hormone by as much as 350%
  • Reduced pain in muscle, joints and tendons
  • Reduced cellulite by 25%, cortisol by up to 150%
  • Improved balance and coordination
  • Overall less risk and more benefit!

At NutraWorks and PostureWorks, we believe that every person deserves the same quality of care and available resources as the pros therefore, we’re bringing this new-age technology, once only available to elite and professional athletes, to you! For more information about the services we can provide to optimize your health, visit our web sites at www.posture-works.com and www.nutra-works.com or call us at (415) 373-3897.