Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Relief | San Francisco Chiropractor

Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Relief | San Francisco Chiropractor

Thousands of San Francisco and Bay Area California residents are diagnosed with fibromyalgia each year. Fibromyalgia is a mysterious set of syndromes believed to be caused by overactive nerves.

Most fibromyalgia patients are women, and the primary symptoms are bodily aches and pains, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, depression, anxiety, and headaches.

The medical community is still trying to understand how fibromyalgia starts; however most agree that there is one common risk factor among the majority of patients: chronic neck pain and/or chronic back pain as a result of spinal misalignment.

A spinal misalignment (where one or more vertebrae shift out of alignment) is usually caused by poor postural habits, automobile or work-place accidents, sports injuries, or even birth trauma. Spinal misalignments exert excessive and dangerous amounts of pressure on the delicate nerves carrying vital nerve energy from the brain, into the limbs, muscles, and organs.

Diminished nerve flow can quickly lead to a wide range of health problems, including organ dysfunction, pain, fatigue, discomfort, and eventually disease.

Eliminating the Source of Fibromyalgia

The only logical way to reverse spinal misalignments and eliminate the source of fibromyalgia and fatigue, is to correct the structure of the spine. Corrective chiropractors specialize is realigning the spine, and therefore taking pressure off the delicate nerves in the neck and back. Eliminating nerve interference restores nerve energy back to the body, and allows it to heal and function the way it was intended.

Drs. Scott Levin, Jason Miller, and Corey Todhunter at PostureWorks in San Francisco’s Financial District, hold advanced certifications in Chiropractic BioPhysics® – the most scientific, researched, published, and results-oriented corrective chiropractic technique. They have helped thousands of San Francisco Bay Area residents regain their health and vitality, and eliminate the source of fibromyalgia and fatigue altogether.

The process is simple and painless; utilizing digital x-rays and postural assessment software, our chiropractors are able pinpoint the exact source of the spinal misalignment, and devise a custom treatment plan that yields exceptional results.

Please contact our San Francisco / Financial District corrective chiropractic office at 415-373-3897 to find out if you qualify for care.