Common Pain Disorders Cost Big Money

Research shows that one of the largest contributors towards corporate medical expenditure and lost productivity time (LPT) is common pain disorders.

According to the American Medical Association1, the American Productivity Audit shows:

  • Within a two-week period, 13% of the workforce experience LPT due to common pain conditions.
  • The average LPT due to musculoskeletal pain is 4.6 hours per week per employee:
    • Back pain 5.28
    • Headache 3.51
    • Arthritis 5.19
    • Other MS issue 5.70
  • Costs American employers an estimated $61.2 billion dollars per year.

Further research published by the European Journal of Pain demonstrates the links between chronic pain, reduced worker effectiveness, and the hidden costs faced by employers.

  • The average pain sufferer lost the equivalent of 30 workdays per year due absence and lost productivity time.
  • A worker with chronic pain earning $36,000 per year will cost their company $3,700 annually.
  • As the salary paid to a pain sufferer increases, there is a significant increase in cost of their LPT.

Finally, studies agree that the use of a chiropractor as a primary care provider, vs a medical doctor, is more cost effective. When instituting this practice, AMI Insurance Company’s costs ranged from 57.1% to 88.1% below their predicted budgets for four consecutive years.