Co-Management With PostureWorks

PostureWorks has an established and growing reputation within the surrounding medical community as a reliable and beneficial co-management partner.

Our goal is to support your diagnosis and treatment while complimenting it with our own approach when appropriate. Co-management with PostureWorks will benefit patients.

  • Advanced Diagnostics

    Objective measures of posture, spinal structure and biomechanics are taken before and after treatment interventions to provide evidence based comparison reports.

  • Patient Specific Interventions

    Each PostureWorks care plan is prescribed with painstaking detail and is unique to the individual patient’s structural weakness or injury.

  • Quality Controls

    Control measures including, daily pre-shift and post-shift communications, semi weekly case management meetings and consistent re-evaluations are in place to safeguard our processes and maximize patient outcomes.

  • Regular Reporting

    Diagnostic reports are provided following the initial evaluation and comparison reports are provided post interventions. Summary and progress reports may be requested at anytime.


Non Surgical providers should consider PostureWorks co-management when:

  • a patient is not responding to care as expected
  • when structural health is not a focus of the providers care

Co-management with PostureWorks will benefit patients suffering with:

  • musculoskeletal pain syndromes
  • neuromuscular complications
  • motor vehicle collision injuries
  • unexplained visceral


Surgical Providers should consider PostureWorks Co-Management when:

  • a patient is deemed to not be a surgical candidate
  • pre-surgical sagittal or coronal presentation predicts poor surgical outcomes

Co-management with PostureWorks for Perioperative care:

  • Preoperative “Pre-habilitation” to reduce fibrosis, increase flexibility, and improve sagittal curvature and coronal balance
  • Postoperative Rehabilitation to minimize fibrosis, speed healing times, correct remaining postural distortions, and improve sagittal curvatures and coronal balance.

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