Can’t Sleep? Chiropractic Could be the Answer for Your Insomnia!

Can’t Sleep? Chiropractic Could be the Answer for Your Insomnia!

Man wide awake from insomnia laying in bed

Nothing is worse than lying down after a hard day’s work, only to restlessly toss and turn for hours, staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep. Any number of things can cause insomnia, including physical pain. Conditions like chronic back pain, restless leg syndrome, and tension in the shoulders and neck are all widely recognized contributors to sleepless nights.

While you might not associate chiropractic treatment with better sleep, reports show that as many as a third of all chiropractic patients sleep better than they did before. Why? Because chiropractic is effective at alleviating back, neck, and shoulder pain that may be the catalysts for insomnia.

If you think pain might be the cause of your insomnia, chiropractic could be the right treatment for you. Posture Works in San Francisco, CA and Denver, CO want to help you get to the bottom of the pain causing your insomnia, to help you get a better night’s sleep. Solving nagging and chronic pain issues could be the first step toward getting you some shuteye!

How chiropractic addresses sleep issues

There’s a distinct reason one of the most common causes of insomnia is pain. The brain finds it difficult to shut down when pain occurs as part of its “fight or flight” response. Pain signal distress, urging the body to remain alert. It’s not something you have much control over.

Until the pain is addressed and the brain is able to abort its ever-alert mentality, you’re destined to lie awake or, at best, get half-hearted sleep. Chiropractic care can be an excellent, non-invasive way of managing symptoms keeping you awake at night, including:

  • Migraine headaches;
  • Sciatic pain;
  • Lower back pain;
  • Shoulder pain;
  • Neck pain.

All of the above conditions are likely to flare up when you lie down to go to sleep. The fact is, spinal adjustments – one of the primary treatments in chiropractic care – are linked with removing discomfort, improving blood flow, and making you more relaxed.

The spine is a delicate instrument that plays a vital role in regulating the central nervous system. Spinal adjustments reorient misplaced vertebrae so they’re functioning at 100 percent and relaying nerve signals accurately. This includes quelling the pain signals keeping your brain up at night.

Personalized attention for better results

In addition to addressing pain signals and the brain’s response to them, modalities like Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) individualized treatments to help every kind of patient, no matter the root cause of their pain. This can include both acute and chronic conditions.

For those with sleep issues, a chiropractor can discuss things like pillow and mattress choices, analyze sleep posture, and review some relaxation techniques. There are also targeted adjustments to help re-establish spinal integrity and low-impact exercise recommendations that can calm the body and mind before bed.

Unlike over-the-counter drugs, chiropractic is a natural, non-addictive way to treat insomnia. It’ll also help you stay asleep throughout the night!

Sleep soundly for once

If you want a better night’s sleep, chiropractic might be the right treatment for you. The experts at Posture Works in San Francisco, CA and Denver, CO will tailor a treatment program uniquely suited to your needs through our focus on CBP. Contact us today for a free consultation if you just can’t get the shuteye you need due to pain or discomfort.

Chiropractic BioPhysics, or CBP, is one of the most scientific, researched, and results-oriented corrective care techniques. CBP-trained chiropractors aim to realign the spine back to health, eliminating nerve interference and addressing the source of pain, fatigue, and disease. As with all chiropractic care, CBP is gentle, painless, and non-invasive.