PostureWorks changed my life! The care offered by this office as a whole is unparalleled. Dr. Levin was able to identify my needs and areas of pain and prescribe a plan that not only completely removed my back pain, but allowed me to live a normal life at the same time! I used to not be able to sit in a chair for more than an hour without severe discomfort and after the pain was there, I just couldnt shake it. Now I’m able to sit, stand, bend, etc. without pain and without the fear of pain returning.

I thought it was inevitable because bad backs run in my family, but after learning more about the philosophy behind PostureWorks, everything the doctors here do is logical (and they’re more than happy to explain).

Elderly patient with GeriatricNot only did Dr. Levin focus on my back pain, he also cared for the other parts of my body that were also painful. I have terrible shoulders from years of competitive swimming and water polo – they feel better than they ever have. I have bad knees, they now feel great.

Even when I come in after a hard workout and am just generally sore, Dr. Levin has ways to ensure I’m feeling better the next day. I used to have severe stomach pain – gone! The idea is that the spine is the control center for most of our internal organs, so if your spine is in good health, your body will likely be too. I am glad to report that since first attending PostureWorks I am healthier and happier.

The best part about PW is the staff. Dr. Levin is great as is Dr. Miller and all of the assistants that work there. Everyone is super knowledgeable and so nice. It’s almost like having another little chiropractic family. Cheesy, I know, but go to PostureWorks if you have body pain and you’ll feel better for sure!

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