Where Did Your Pesky Piriformis Syndrome Come From?

If you’ve been dealing with a persistent pain in the butt (literally), you might be suffering from a condition known as piriformis syndrome. It’s not an uncommon diagnosis, but it’s one that takes a little investigation to make. It’s often confused with general sciatic pain. And, because the piriformis is such a small, isolated muscle, […]

11 Reasons for the Pain in Your Back… But Which One is Right?

Back pain is very common and can make it difficult for you to do even the most basic activities. Unfortunately, back pain is common because it is the main symptom of a variety of health issues, ranging from minor strains to serious spinal conditions. This is one of the reasons why back pain can be […]

Neck Pain, Headaches, and Dizziness Aren’t a Combination to Ignore

<p>Everyone feels a little sick and sore once in a while. A headache, stiff neck, or feeling slightly dizzy is usually nothing to worry about. In fact, most people take a pain pill and forge on with their day.However, when these three symptoms all occur at once, taking a pain pill and mustering through is […]