When Shouldn’t You See a Chiropractor?

<p><p>Chiropractic care aims to treat muscles, nerves, and organs by targeting misalignments along the spinal column, hips, and lower body. In most cases, chiropractic care is safe and effective at restoring mobility, reducing pain, and improving quality of life. People of all ages and medical histories seek care from chiropractors.Skilled chiropractors – like the team […]

Combating Lumbar Stenosis With a Few Simple Stretches and Yoga Poses

Conditions like lumbar stenosis are common as people age and the spine changes. But contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily need intense physical therapy or surgery to correct these painful problems. There are simple things you can complete at home that may give you relief from lower back and leg pain stemming from spinal […]

Whiplash Isn’t Exclusive to Car Accidents! Learn About Whiplash in Sports

When you hear whiplash, you probably think of the injury that occurs in bad car accidents. Whiplash can be extremely painful and damaging to the neck, but its dangers extend beyond motor vehicle accidents. The injury can happen in other instances, too – namely sports. Athletes participating in contact sports should be wary of whiplash […]

Too Much or Too Little Movement Could be Behind Your Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

If you’re experiencing significant pain or discomfort in your lower back or legs, your sacroiliac (SI) joint could be to blame. This joint, which connects the hip bones to the sacrum, acts as a shock absorber, separating the upper body and the pelvis. It’s estimated that the SI joint is responsible for between 15 percent […]

Persistent Leg Pain? Talk to Your Chiropractor About Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Regular, consistent pain in your legs can have an immediate and drastic impact on your quality of life. When severe enough, leg pain can complicate even the simplest daily tasks – walking to get the mail, climbing the stairs to your bedroom, or safely driving a car. A common cause of persistent leg pain, particularly […]

5 Weird but True Symptoms of Cervical Stenosis with Myelopathy

The spine is integral to your central nervous system, distributing nerves to every part of your body. What this means, is that issues with the spine have a high risk of affecting nerve health and function. A condition like cervical stenosis with myelopathy, for example, can quickly result in all types of nerve issues, since […]